Fill Your Cup: Simple ways to add meaning to your life

Simple Ways To Add Meaning To Your Life

As I look out my window this morning, the ground continues to soak from heavy rainfall. The dark grey sky with no silver linings hovers heavily over the earth. While I love the sound of rain and realize the benefits of it, when combined with sombre weather, I wait for it to pass. I usually search for silver linings hidden between clouds which tell me underneath the storm is light about to pierce through. And despite this dark, dreary morning, my heart feels full. I can’t help but wonder how? What is different about this morning, or the better question to ask is, what is different about me? Usually, this weather clouds my mood; just like many affected by the weather, I find myself guided by the outside light.

Simply put, I thrive in sunshine. Research does show the multiple benefits of the sun. However, I do like my mother’s explanation as well, “no matter where you live, home always calls you,” she continues, “because you are from the land of sandy beaches, golden sunsets and tender warmth, your body will always yearn for it, it’s like a calling.” Despite moving here at the tender age of 10 and living many years in England before that, I find there is wisdom to her saying.

But this morning, something is different. So, as I sit here, I wonder why this grey morning doesn’t make me feel like curling up in a blanket till the sun comes out. I wrote down what I did this week in hopes of finding an “aha moment.” In a nutshell: I worked, cooked, cleaned, picked and dropped my kids from school, missed my son a tonne who moved out to the university, prayed and immersed myself in spiritual learning. However, this is my usual give and take a few things. Then it dawned on me, the “aha moment” I was engaged in a meaningful project to many, including myself; I connected with a few friends to see how they were and despite plans not working out to meet, I felt seen, heard, and validated. To make it even simpler, I engaged with things and people that I value and can be of value to.

I don’t suffer from depression; however, like many, loneliness is a friend who visits from time to time. And I see very similar outcomes for the many amazing souls I work with who struggle with depression or just symptoms of it. Those that engage in value work connect with people, and more significant practices like spirituality find meaning in small things and have better outcomes. I usually hear that people get good feedback from family and friends, such as “get out more,” “go to the mall,” and “start volunteering.” Albeit, all good feedback, remember loneliness doesn’t simply go away because you surround yourself with people. It’s a deep-rooted and painful feeling of being alone because of not being seen, validated, accepted, valued, celebrated, or understood (Link to IG). Simply immersing ourselves in people won’t do the trick. You must dig a little deeper, figure out what and who you value, who and what values you, and take small steps towards a sense of purpose, value, meaning and connection. Where you also feel heard, valued, loved, needed, supported, celebrated and connected.

Remember: If you struggle with loneliness despite how hard you try and or suffer from a mental health issue, don’t hesitate to see your doctor for further guidance and or see a mental health professional for support. You may have to address underlying factors that can be corrected before tips and tricks start to make a difference in your life.

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