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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why should I see a therapist? How can this help me?

A therapist can help people understand the way they think, feel, and behave. Therapists work with their client to set goals and use scientific ways to go about reaching those goals.

While there are many other individuals who may provide these services, therapists at Cedarway Therapy are regulated professionals that must adhere to a strict ethical code of conduct and are accountable to a regulatory body.

What types of clients do you provide psychotherapy to?

We have therapists who are able to provide psychotherapy to children, adolescents, adults, couples and families. Therapists can help people struggling with anxiety, low mood, trauma, grief, substance use, anger, relationship issues, and much more. Some clients come in with unresolved emotional issues that they want help processing, while others can’t exactly pinpoint what they need help with but want help feeling better. If that is the case, our therapists can work with you to get a better understanding of functioning in different areas and collaborate with you on a treatment plan.

What are your fees? Do you provide direct-billing?

While psychotherapy services are not covered under OHIP, many individuals’ extended-health insurance provide coverage for psychotherapy services. Direct-billing is also available for some extended-health insurance providers, such as Green Shield Canada.

Fees can be discussed during the initial consultation.

Where are you located? Do you provide services over video conferencing?

We have two offices located in Oakville, Ontario, however currently due to restrictions related to the pandemic the majority of the services are provided via secure video link. We have therapists able to provide services across Canada.

Are your services confidential?

Generally, the information that a client shares with their therapist remains confidential. This means that a therapist has a legal duty to ensure the information is kept private. There are some limits to confidentiality which will be discussed during the informed consent process.

How can a psychoeducational assessment be helpful?

Sometimes, an assessment is warranted to better understand why a student is struggling with their academic achievement. A psychoeducational assessment is a comprehensive assessment that  can provide information about a students’ intelligence, academic skills, and/or social, emotional, and behavioural functioning. For more information about these assessments, visit this page.

Are services offered in any other languages?

Services can be provided in French, Arabic, Urdu, Hindi, and Punjabi.


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