Zuwaina Murad

MPsy, Registered Psychotherapist
Who I help
Adolescents, adults, seniors, families
What I help with
Anxiety, depression, trauma, relationship conflicts

About Zuwaina

Zuwaina Murad, a seasoned and compassionate Registered Psychotherapist, holds a Master’s in Clinical Psychology and has over a decade of experience in the mental health field. Her diverse professional background includes working in various challenging settings, such as shelters, corrections, addiction treatment centers, and community crisis interventions. Zuwaina’s dedication extends beyond clinical practice, as she imparts her knowledge and expertise as a professor at Centennial College in the Addictions and Mental Health Worker program and has previously contributed to George Brown College as a faculty member in the Social Service Worker program.

Zuwaina specializes in addressing a spectrum of mental health issues, demonstrating particular proficiency in working with individuals who have encountered trauma, anxiety, depression, addictions, and relationship/family conflicts. Drawing on her extensive experience, she provides support to individuals, families, and couples navigating high-conflict situations, fostering a deeper understanding of themselves and building positive relationships for improved life outcomes.

In her therapeutic approach, Zuwaina emphasizes collaboration, non-judgmental understanding, and compassion. She tailors her interventions to the unique needs of each client, utilizing a diverse range of therapeutic techniques. Zuwaina firmly believes in her clients’ expertise, working alongside them to establish achievable goals and accompanying them on their journey to wellness. Her commitment to helping clients understand the root of their challenges, develop coping strategies, and regain control over their lives underscores Zuwaina’s dedication to facilitating positive change and fostering well-being.

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