Haneen Sabbagh

BCBA, Board-Certified Behavior Analyst
Who I help
Children, Adults, Adolescents, Families
What I help with
Parenting, Learning Issues, ADHD, Intellectual Disability
English, Arabic

About Haneen Sabbagh

Haneen Sabbagh is a distinguished Board-Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) who is
actively contributing to the field of Behavior Analysis since 2013. Having earned a master’s
degree in Professionalism in Behavior Analysis from the Florida Institute of Technology-USA
in 2021, Haneen brings over 8 years of experience in working with individuals across diverse
age groups, encompassing children to teenagers, diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder
(ASD) and other special needs.

Her expertise lies in creating individualized behavior intervention plans and individualized
educational plans. She offers school consultations and training sessions to facilitate the
effective implementation of IEPs and Behavior Support Plans (BSPs). Haneen extends her
services to families, delivering behavioral consultations embedded with evidence-based
strategies to address challenging behaviors and learning difficulties.
Moreover, Haneen conducts comprehensive evaluations, utilizing assessment tools such as
VBMAPP, ABLLS-R, BLAF, and ESDM, to glean insights into individuals’ strengths,
challenges, and specific behavioral requirements.

As a dedicated professional, her objective is to combine behavioral interventions with a
profound understanding of best practices for children with autism and neurodevelopmental
disorders. She consistently strives to foster positive transformations in their lives and that of
their families, facilitating the achievement of meaningful outcomes.

Treatment Approaches

  • Applied Behavior Analysis


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